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Children in the Tapachula Detention Center
Guatemalan consuls interviews kids
Jose in Mexican detention
Jose's best friend & aunt in El Salvador
Padre Rigoni
Francisco & Esmeralda
After Juan Carlos has been repatriated
Faustino's migrant experience
Jesus Torreblanca on the Sonora desert
Maximino and Cecilia talk about Rosario
Coatzacoalcos Shelter and the World of the Migrant
Begging for food - train ride in Oaxaca
Ixtepec, Mexico & other interviews
Waiting in Medias Aguas, Mexico
Migrants' interviews on train tops
Describing dangers of train
Extended interview in Lecheria, Mexico City
Child migrants leave on train
Fito and Yurico in Irapuato, Mexico
Yurico back on the streets
Ana Bertha helps Tapachula street children
Kevin reflects in Southwest Key, Houston
Kevin's mother interview selects
Kevin on why he left Honduras
Kevin's experiences with smugglers
Kevin's experience with U.S. Border Patrol
Kevin recounts abuses by immigration officers

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