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President Barack Obama
The White House
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Dear Mr. President,

I am concerned about the well-being of child immigrants and urge you to do everything possible to help them. Border and immigration laws, policies, and procedures typically are designed to address problems related to adult migrants. I ask you to consider the special circumstances of children, especially those traveling without their parents, when you establish policies and implement them.

Specifically, I hope that children are reunified with families when possible, that they are treated humanely, and that they are not sent back to dangerous home conditions. I also have faith Congress will allow children, who have been in the United States for years and attending school, to have a path to citizenship.

Within your powers, please be sure that all policies and the implementation thereof consider the best interests and safety of the children.  Also, please ensure that all U.S. staff that comes into contact with immigrant children are properly trained and supervised. In sum, I urge your office to do all that it can to protect the safety and well-being of immigrant children.


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